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Production Process

Raw Material Inspection

Analysis Items :Dimension , Face, Scintilla, Structure , Hardness,Decarburized Layer

Main inspection equipment: OLYMPUS Metalloscope,Laizhou Brinell Hardness Tester (HB-3000 Brinell Hardness Tester)


2 Face Grinding Machine (MY7650、M7650)
Height parallelism ≤0.003mm
Thickness tolerance≤0.02mm
Face Roughness ≤0.63μm
Ensure quality stability of the face turning ( Cpk≥1.67)
2 OD Centerless Grinding Machine (M11200、M1083)
Roundness ≤0.002mm;
Thickness tolerance ≤0.003mm
Face Roughness ≤0.32μm
Ensure quality stability of the OD grinding
Turning Automatic Line :turn parts that after finished face & OD grinding.
The machine are equipped with automatic alarm and carrying out fuction. The end of automatic production line is equipped with automatic inspection machine ,which can effectively avoid the working procedure missing
Apply 100% appearance inspection after automatic inspection to insure zero defect
Outer Ring Inspection Machine
Inner Ring Inspection Machine

MPI & Packing

Parts only after 100% MPI could be washed ,rust protected and packed to put in storage ,which can prevent the crack defect from occurring


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